Toni Pons

The firm was founded by Antoni Pons Parramon in the shape of a typical basic shoe factory of that time. Espadrilles made with jute or rubber and leather boots were the first products created under the Toni Pons brand, which were produced in the traditional way in Osor, a small village near Girona. Antoni Pons i Carós, at the age of 18, having both worked and studied in the preceding years, joined the organization with the vision of enlarging the scope of the brand, up to this point purely local, to an international brand. This incorporation coincides with the recent move of the Toni Pons headquarters to the city of Girona. The logistical advantages of this new geographical location were key to the firm’s decision to move. Passion is the defining emotion at Toni Pons with regard to every one of its artisan hand-stitched espadrilles. It is this sentiment that led Antoni Pons Parramon to establish a factory to produce basic footwear in the mid-20th century is the very same one that continues to drive the firm to go yet further every day in offering the finest espadrilles to its many customers. Naturally, in a shoe with such clear ecological connotations and respect for the environment, Toni Pons uses top quality natural materials. The natural jute of the soles marries perfectly with the natural textiles or leather uppers with which the brand’s designs are made and they are presented in a 100% recyclable packaging.