Heartscape Charm - Never Give Up

What is a heartscape? A snapshot of your best felt feelings, a landscape descriptor of your interior self, or a reminder of what you need most or want to share with the world.

Sterling Silver

Tuning into my heart and moving in the direction of my dreams has brought me the world: challenges to overcome, yes, but challenges that were “over-come-able.” Who did that very difficult thing? I did. Who decided not to listen to someone e;se’s version of who I am? (Guess?). Never, never, ever give up on something or someone you believe in. Mostly, yourself.


I believe we have some sort of special powers and protective field around us when we are chasing our dreams or going through a hard time. A truth to be shared with all the go-getters and rainbow-chasers out there: beyond your fears, beyond whatever limiting belief that is holding you back, there is Providence. Set your dreams in motion, and the assistance will be there. Trust this!

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