"Sidewalk Spectrum" Handcrafted Sidewalk Chalk

Chalks write in bold, vibrant colors! You've never seen chalk like this before! Each stick is shaped like a gemstone crystal with faceted edges for easy grip. Each pack comes with six pieces of handcrafted sidewalk chalk, packed in a rainbow holographic bag. I've been refining and honing my recipe to create the most vibrant, exciting outdoor art experience possible! Colors included in this set: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. What customers are saying -- "Awesome chalk. Love the colors …. perfect." "The most gorgeous colors! My daughter loves this chalk and is coloring up a storm outside now. Amazing quality!" Chalk should not be eaten or inhaled, and can be safely washed away from surfaces with water. Ingredients: calcium sulfate hemihydrate (plaster of paris), water, corn starch, FD&C food safe colorants.

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