Harlow V Neck Cashmere Sweater

Photo is for style only.

Color in stock is Camel.

 Designed in England and produced in Mongolia. Our pieces are spun from 100% pure cashmere and have been designed to bring you joy, excitement and comfort for years to come. Our aim is to provide you with luxurious products that are fully sustainable.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the longest cashmere fibres at 42mm.

These long fibres allow you to wash your cashmere on a 30 degree wash. Washing at 30° rather than 40° reduces your energy consumption by 57% per cycle.

Longer fibres reduce pilling and misshaping which increases the longevity of your cashmere piece.

As all of our pieces are machine washable, there is no need for dry clean! We know that dry cleaning releases toxic chemicals in the environment that persist for decades.

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