Heavyweight Moleskin

This Moleskin Shirt is a classic-cut, button-up shirt made with super soft moleskin. For those not familiar with moleskin, it is not actually made from the pelt of the subterranean mammals known as moles. Moleskin is a heavyweight cotton fabric with a velvety feel. The soft yet durable fabric gives the Moleskin Shirt enough structure to retain it’s shape, so don’t worry, it’s still totally manly.

A few highlights of the Moleskin Shirt:

  • 11 oz. moleskin is heavy and durable enough to serve as a jacket
  • Enzyme-washed and silicone softened for extra soft hand feel
  • Contrast chambray on the yoke and button placket
  • Antique brass buttons
  • Made of 100% cotton

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