Jewelry Private Label - Agatha 18K Gold Plated Double Bracelet Gold Pink Quartz

Healing benefits of stones. The agatha double bracelet showcases a natural stone on a delicate chain and a chain embellished by various shades of beads that complements the shade of the centerpiece. Conjuring visions of artistry into existence, the bracelet is inspired by the creativity of the colors and the power of the natural stones themselves. The centered stone is the backbone of every piece.Pink quartz dispels fear, calms and soothes. It brings hope and helps to find one another as an individual, to integrate into society. It is excellent for the mind and for the physical condition.• 18K gold plated size and adjustable chain. The chain measures 7 inches (18 cm). The chain is adjustable. It has an additional hook on the clasp. Therefore, it can be made shorter by .8 Inch, fitting a 6.2 Inches wrist. It fits small and medium wrist. The chain features a lobster clasp that allows for easy closing.•Skin-friendly jewelry. Available in several colors and stones. The agatha bracelet is available in black