Jewelry Private Label - Margo R6 .925 Sterling Silver Plated Rhodium Ring

AN EYE-CATCHING PALETTE OF EXQUISITE DESIGNS. Let your style soar with fists full of Margo s pretty rings and bands. Supremely wearable and infinitely stackable, they lend a sophisticated touch to any look. Choose from simple bands and crystal-encrusted styles that can be mixed and matched for an extra dose of modern oomph. .925 STERLING SILVER PLATED RHODIUM. All JewelryPrivateLabel silver jewelry pieces are made from .925 sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver, the highest quality for silver jewelry. A rhodium plating is added to enhance the luster and durability of the jewelry, offering a beautifully shiny finish and greater protection for sensitive skin.THE BEAUTY OF RHODIUM. Rhodium is a metal in the same elemental group as the noble platinum. Its exceptional heft and light-reflecting properties enhance the durability and finish of sterling silver, preventing tarnish and reducing the need for regular polishing. SKIN-FRIENDLY JEWELRY. Our jewelry is skin-friendly.