Jewelry Private Label - Oceana 18K Gold Plated Bracelet Pink

Pink everything the oceana bracelet boasts stones in shades of pink perfectly-placed on a 18k gold plated chain. Various shades of pink, mixed with crystal clear cubic zirconia, construct vibrant visions of sparkling creativity. The pink stones range from light to dark to semi-purple.• 18K gold plated . Size and adjustable chain. The chain measures 7 inches (18 cm). The chain is adjustable. It has an additional hook on the clasp. Therefore, it can be made shorter by .8 Inch, fitting a 6.2 Inches wrist. It fits small and medium wrist. The chain features a lobster clasp that allows for easy closing.•Skin-friendly jewelry. Available in two shades. The oceana bracelet comes in shades of pink and blue. The pink stones range from light to dark to semi-purple, while the blue crystals alternate between hues of royal and aqua.