Jewelry Private Label - Sunny 18K Gold Plated Sunflower Necklace with Cubic Zirconia Large

You were born to sparkle. The sunny sunflower necklace showcases a sunflower design on a delicate chain. The incredible contours and polished, textured finishes of the sunflower create a look that is radiantly eye-catching. The center of the sunflower is embellished with high-end cubic zirconia. Each clear gemstone is constructed just-right within the pendant making it glimmers in its own unique way.• 18K gold platedsize and adjustable chain. The chain measures 17.7 Inches (45 cm). The chain is adjustable by 1 inch. It has an additional links at the end of the chain. Therefore, it can be made shorter by up to 1 inch.•Skin-friendly jewelry.