Private Shopping

 Give an Indigo Blues & Co. gift certificate to that special someone and they can come into the store and have fun shopping for the perfect gift in the perfect size!! No need to worry, they'll get just what they wanted!! You'll look like a genius!!

$1000 Private Shopping Spree includes Coffee or Champagne and Chocolate Truffles. After hours private shopping to try on everything in the store if you like, at your own pace, and without any other clients interupting the experience of spending your $1000 in the store on the perfect wardrobe.

$2000 Private Shopping Party inclues Champagne, Cheese/Fruit/Cracker Selection and Chocolate Truffles. An after hours party for you and your friends to try on everything in the store if you'd like and help each other find the perfect outfits using your $2000 store credit!! So fun!!

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