Theory of Light Pendant - Light Loves Through

Charity pendant to support Santa Barbara. 50% of all net proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief to support the Santa Barbara recovery after last year's devastating fires and mud slides.

Brass, Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystals

Light Loves Through

Even in this brightly shining
& our often joyous dance
with landscape, nature, wonder, and wind
there is also the unexpected shift
in direction, in weather, in duration
and we are reminded then and after
to reconsider, to reclaim, to restore
what matters most
and above all, is love.
And then we take a breath, and begin again
In shoring up
our definitions and expectations
of home, of safety, of refuge

we have been in an unplanned dance this time
with elements of transformation
and sometimes loss
but we are, and will be, and always have been
capable of and fortified by hope
the will to rebuild, to renew, to restore, and to see
that beautiful indefinite
is always here
Love is always with us
As is will
As is Wonder


Part starry night sky, part beams of sun, we hope it will serve as both a remembrance and also a beacon of love and renewal for those who wear and see it.

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