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Always be yourself unless you can be a pirate, then always be a pirate.

Always be yourself unless you can be a pirate, then always be a pirate.

                             Two NYC virgins (aka first timers) ready attack the city!

LeeAnne and I traveled to New York City in February to continue our treasure hunt to bring into Indigo Blues & CO the best and finest frocks and accessories for this spring/summer and into fall.
And indeed, we did find the booty at a clothing show called Coterie at the Javits center.

Not only did we make some great finds but we also discovered that NYC is a treasure in and of itself.
OK! everyone already knew that.....except for us, apparently. It is a land so close and yet seemed so far. But now that we know what everyone else knows.....we are packing our bags and running away to become show girls!

During our adventure to New York we stayed with friends of friends; Vlad and the Ballerina. Which sounds like the title to a children's book (and my wheels are turning on that!) but they are real people. A young couple who were charming and beautiful and all New Yorky and stuff.
They were great hosts, (and we were great guests if I do say so myself, mainly because we stayed out as late as we could every night just to stay out of their way.) They gave great advice on what to do and where to go. And since we came with a long list of food that we wanted to eat, we wrote down all of their suggestions and immediately headed out the door so we could begin to cross everything off our list.

So within minutes of our evening arrival we were sitting in Cleopatra's Needle, eating Mediterranean cuisine and listening to open mic jazz. I loved every minute of it but was not familiar with most of the music. But the surprise of the night was that LeeAnne knew every word to every song and sang alone while sitting at our table. I coaxed and coaxed her to go on stage and sing, but alas, she would not. I am hoping if enough people come into the shop and ask her to sing that someday she will oblige us.

The following morning we went to the west village to browse the boutiques, which was completely work related. Totally legit. And because it was so beautiful we walked the Highline which was crowded with people enjoying the February sunshine. And then we went on to Chelsea Market to shop the art market and to enjoy a Margarita.......only because it happened to be National Margarita day and we had an obligation.

Along our merry way, we were busy crossing items off of our food lists: bagels, reubens, pizza, Italian food. But we didn't stop there! We threw in some things like Halva.....which is a tahini based confection of Arabic origin. (You all knew that already? Where have I been?!) So good!

And in all our busyness, and list checking and hard work, we manage to take in two Broadway shows.

For the first show, we wanted a traditional, well known show so we would know all the songs. Fiddler on the Roof. And except for the ginormous head sitting in front of me (and ¾ of the show took place in front of said head) we loved it! We sang “If I Were a Rich Man” for three days afterward. Our celebrity moment came when walking out of the theater into a dark and stormy night, we exchanged words with Billy Crystal's driver as he swept past us to throw an umbrella over Billy and hustle him to his waiting car. We were so giddy afterward that we barely noticed our wet and stringy hair sticking to our faces or that we were cold to the bone.

We decided to stay an extra night in NYC just so that we could go to a second show. We wanted to see the Color Purple, featuring Jennifer Hudson from American Idol fame. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Jennifer Hudson was not the lead and although she was good, she was not the best in the show. This show was stacked with a very high level of talent. Incredible. The audience laughed. The audience cried. The audience jumped to its feet a dozen times. And there was no ginormous head in front of me! We had made the right decision to stay that extra night!

In the end, we crossed off every item on our food list, we learned to hail cabs and cross the street without being killed, we learned that New Yorkers were interesting and kind, and we did find the treasure, the booty, the fabulous items for the shop. And we left with the vow: WE WILL BE BACK

AND we won't put away our treasure map just yet. There is always the next adventure to find the X which marks the spot.
Until then.....
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