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The Little Black Jean

The Little Black Jean

LBJs: The New LBD

I have a confession to make about a particular personal fashion faux pas: should you open my closet, you would not find an LBD anywhere to be seen -- an essential for many women everywhere due to its elegant versatility. I vaguely recall within the depths of my memory a time where I indeed owned that crucial Little Black Dress (keyword being vaguely) but those times are long gone.

Tis the season for holiday parties: the time of year where I actually, for once, notice this certain absence in my closet when I am suddenly without a go-to fashion essential to supply the base for my outfits, a sort of all-purpose, multi-functional blank slate from which to dress up or dress down according to the caliber of the social function.

The fashion deities up above have bestowed upon me a potential solution to this annual predicament, however. Enter Little Black Jeans, possibly here to save you from yourself (and that ever familiar crisis 2 minutes before it’s time to leave and you’re still  re-assessing and adjusting your outfit because suddenly everything you own feels like a clothier’s disaster.) Ahh, gotta love that holiday spirit.

Your initial reaction toward Little Black Jeans might be hesitation: after all, the LBD has been a rule of fashion for a long time (more officially since the 1920’s, but less officially much earlier than that when the 19th-century version of our hipsters normalized the color black as fashionable instead of dreary and mournful.)

But that’s just it: the color hasn’t changed -- just the manner through which we wear it upon our bodies. LBJs, it turns out, can easily fulfill the role of the LBD, possibly with even more versatility (Looking to keep it caj? Check. Minimal-classic look? Check. Professional/interview attire? Check. Edgy street-style? Check. Elegant holiday party outfit? Yup, absolutely!)

Just as with the dress, Little Black Jeans can similarly be a fashionable blank canvas from which your next outfit can fruitfully blossom. If you’re still unsure, check out this article about what to wear with black jeans. And I can guarantee that if necessary, you can effortlessly complement your black pantalones with a perfectly ugly holiday sweater (can your LBD do that?!)

In these times were we often favor being casually elegant (or elegantly casual), Little Black Jeans are totally appropriate -- and possibly the new and impending “classic”  because many of the benefits of the LBD also fluidly intersect with LBJs (versatility, accessorizable, spill-friendly, simplicity and elegance, to name a few, with the capacity to operate along a wide spectrum of casual to more formal.)

Ultimately if you’re like me and you’re feeling a sort of deep dark void within yourself because you just know something crucial is missing from your life (and your wardrobe), Little Black Jeans might just be it. So this Thursday, be sure to thank those fashionistas up above.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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