What YOU NEED in your Wardrobe this Spring

March 05, 2020

What YOU NEED in your Wardrobe this Spring

Spring Fashion 2020 Forecast 

I’m sitting here in a warm coffee shop clutching my hot chai. I’ve made the mistake of sitting near the door — wafts of cold air pour in as dozens of morning skiers stop in for their morning cuppas, bagels, and treats to save for later after a frigid day on the trails or the slopes.

Yeah. So, it doesn’t feel like Spring is here yet — but I’m sure one day soon I’ll look outside, see a speck of green, and know it’s time to think about trading in my winter garb for lighter ware.  

Let’s talk about what to wear once you take off that enormous wool sweater that you haven’t removed in almost five months. 

For many of us, New Years is a time to set resolutions to better ourselves and to recommit to blossoming into the beautiful, radiant souls we are meant to be — but I feel like Springtime is really when we truly start to act on them and begin to breathe life into the revisions for ourselves (oh, or is that just me, being late to game? Hello late 2020 resolutions! I’ve been neglecting you!) 

What’s in style this Spring? 

If you are, like me, frowning at your Spring wardrobe and realizing that many of the items crinkled up in those cardboard boxes no longer feel representative of who you are as a person (after a long, dark winter of hibernation and forced meditation on your life, of course) then it might be time to renew inside AND out, so that you can look on the outside how you feel on the inside. 

So what can we expect for the Spring 2020?

Animal print

For Christmas, I tore open my gifts to find...a pair of leopard print leggings. I tried my best to hide my grimace. I am *never* wearing these, I thought. 

But guess what? I have started wearing them. Not only are they exceptionally comfortable, but the compliments keep coming in. Now I feel pretty badass, rolling up in my denim jacket, my All Star Converse shoes, and my leopard print pants.

“You look so retro! I love it!” Someone told me the other day.

Yup. Animal print is in, folks. And it’s more fun than I ever thought it would be, and surprisingly versatile.


Riding the wave of Fall 2019 fashion, Camo print is growing in popularity (and I’m not talking about just amongst deer hunters, either.)  Spring is a good time to experiment — play with adding camo pieces to your Springtime wardrobe (if you haven’t already), and bust it out again in the Fall, which is when it’ll probably dominate. Camouflage print is great for boyish/boxy casual, but can also be indispensable for utilitarian chic looks, too — perfect for New England’s mud season and beyond.

White Sneakers

If you were wondering what the “It” thing is going to be this spring, it’s white sneakers. 

I’ll be totally honest — having been raised by parents from Michigan, I still have trouble calling these “sneakers” instead of “tennis shoes.” And no, I don’t even play tennis!

 But whatever you want to call them, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more trendy and versatile shoe this Spring. I love how footware can instantly transform an outfit. Wear them with anything and everything. I dare you. 


Wide-legged crop jeans

Jeans in general will never go out of style. That seems to just be a pure, hard fact. And while skinny jeans are persistently popular no matter what, this Spring will usher in a new craze: wide-legged crop jeans. 

It’s no surprise, really — 70’s fashion has been making a formidable and undeniable comeback, and though bell-bottoms might be a thing of the past, flared-ware is becoming a staple item once again.

Other things to watch out for this Spring

  • Crochet-style tops and dresses
  • Vests 
  • Oversized Blazers
  • Round Purses
  • Culottes
  • 70’s fashion & colors in general (think flares & disco collars!) 
  • Colors: Ice cream (mint!), black and white, muted/natural (like olive, ginger, mustard or brick.) 

Happy Spring

Now I’m just waiting for those tulips to poke up their heads, heralding the beginnings of sunshine and warmth.


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