Dry Wit Goods


Dry Wit Goods was born in 2017 to Jennifer, a funny, sassy, wicked smart gal. OK, so I’m writing this about myself so I may be exaggerating. But I did start Dry Wit Goods and am so proud of where this company has gone — into over 30 shops across the country. And, if things go well, maybe into yours.​​​​​

Dry Wit Goods is a wholesale-only company carrying cards, prints, calendars, and more. The paper goods are all made deep in the heat of Texas in my handy, home office. I design, print, cut, fold, and sleeve with a lot of love and the Gilmore Girls keeping me company.

Dry Wit Goods also provides monthly and bi-monthly, letter-writing, subscription boxes for those who still believe in snail mail.